The REDES Project

A National Girls' Empowerment Network Created by PCVs in Mozambique

Overview of the REDES Project December 7, 2009


REDES (Raparigas em Desenvolvimento, Educação, e Saúde) is a national network of girls’ clubs in Mozambique that promote girls’ empowerment and reduce their vulnerability to HIV through gender awareness activities, reproductive health and HIV prevention messages, technical skills-building, and planning for the future.  There are currently over 98 REDES-supported, community-based girls’ groups across every province in Mozambique. The groups meet regularly to work on small-scale group and community projects. In addition to the on-going work at the community level, once a year, female students and faculty representatives from participating girls’ groups come together for week-long regional conferences to promote positive behavior change, develop leadership abilities and share best practices. The project is managed by Peace Corps Volunteers in the Education and Health Programs, in collaboration with Mozambican colleagues and partner organizations. It is funded through a grant from the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).


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