The REDES Project

A National Girls' Empowerment Network Created by PCVs in Mozambique

Pictures from our annual national conference (Inhambane) August 28, 2012

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Every year REDES has a national conference where REDES facilitators take members of their  group to meet and learn about important topics with other REDES groups. Here we have pictures and (next week)videos from the groups in Inhambane province. Congratulations facilitators, members and volunteers! This conference looked AWESOME!!

Mozambican women/girls from 13 to 25 participated in this conference

Grupo Rosa was our youngest group at the conference


Grupo Verde was in the middle, with members ranging from around 15-16 years old

Grupo Azul was our oldest group, with members that were 17 or 18+ years old


















Members participated in a number of activities including looking at lessons and statistics about risky behaviors that could put them and their futures at risk





Here members and facilitators have “stickered” risky behaviors around the “high risk” or Risco Alto sign











The participants created their own handmade capulana mementoes of the conference

These are the Mozambican facilitators who either work with a PC counterpart or have their own REDES group at their school or in their community









All REDES gatherings involve a healthy amount of dancing and here PCV Hannah is teaching…or learning a new dance move from one of our members






At the end of the conference all the participants (facilitators and members) attached construction paper to their back so that other members could write special messages to them











PCV Kate writes one last conference message before everyone heads back home













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