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A National Girls' Empowerment Network Created by PCVs in Mozambique

A volunteer thinks about her REDES counterpart May 29, 2012

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This week we hear from RPCV Meghan Duffy, a volunteer who had perviously written about her neighbor Reina and how she was positively affected by REDES. This week Meghan recalls the first time she met her eventual counterpart. Here is her story:


Judi was my original counterpart. She was a young teacher whom I randomly met while passearing in Chimoio. She was outgoing and exuberant, intelligent and full of ambition. I knew right away that I wanted her as my counterpart. In the role as counterpart and facilitator she flourished. The little girls adored her (someone smart and beautiful who looked just like them), and she adored being able to provide them with guidance and instruction. She also loved being around myself and the rest of the volunteers. She participated in the TOT in Quelimane and it was obvious she was absorbing every lesson. She took copious notes and worked and re-worked all of her lesson plans asking countless questions on how to perfect her teaching style as well as the information that she would be presenting at the conference. Not only did she do FABULOUS at the conference but what she learned about teaching and lesson planning has served her well in her new career as a Director of the Gondola Youth and Technology Education District. She says that countless of her colleagues, who are much older than herself, are amazed at all she knows about education. In her position she observes the lessons of various teachers throughout the district and then gives them advice and recommendations on how to improve their teaching techniques. She confided to me that she owes most of what she knows to the REDES trainings and conferences. My heart beamed with pride.









Thanks for your story Meghan. If you want to tell your story of service with REDES please email the blog:


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