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A National Girls' Empowerment Network Created by PCVs in Mozambique

First Bilingual Video POST! May 15, 2012

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This week we are very happy to have our first post from an independent Mozambican facilitator. Her story will be presented in both Portuguese and English (with a few minor tweaks due to cultural differences and grammatical differences between the languages) as well as photos of her leading a training session at the Inhambane Training of Trainers workshop. In addition this is the first REDES post that will have video!! The footage included is video of Marisa leading a session to instruct members on how they should educate their own REDES members. Here is a story of REDES past from Marisa, first in Portuguese then in English:

Chama-se Marisa Ancha Tamele, 28 anos idade, docente de física e facilitadora da REDES a 4 anos na Escola Secundária 3 de Fevereiro.

Fiz a troca de experiência com a escala secundáris de Cambine e fizemos necidagem de lixo em particular primeo de garafes plasticas, tampas de refresco e caixote de papel e fizemos a limpeza na escola.

Esta troca ajudou as raparigas a trocar a experiências com os outros raparigas (Cambine) desenvolvendo habilidade e a valoujar as actividade.

Falamos a importânceis do trabalho em grupo e a importância de manter ambiente escola limpo. Criamos amizades e divertimos muito fui muito, muito bom!!



My name is Marisa Ancha Tamele, I’m 28 years old, a teacher of physics and have been a facilitator of REDES for the past 4 years at “3rd of February” secondary school.

I (and my REDES group) shared an experience with Cambine Secondary Schools, and we recycled trash, in particular: plastic bottles, the caps of glass bottles, and packing cases of paper, we cleaned up the school.

This exchange of experience helped the girls to share experiences with other girls from Cambine, developed skills and gave value to our activities. We discussed the importance of the group work and also the importance of maintaining a clean environment for the school. We created friendships and enjoyed our time. It was a really really good (experience)!!






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