The REDES Project

A National Girls' Empowerment Network Created by PCVs in Mozambique

Another tale of REDES past, this time from from the Central Province of Chimoio April 24, 2012

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Hello REDES followers,


This past weekend REDES conducted its first round of TOT’ (Training of Trainers) with meetings and activities in 5 different provinces! Video footage of the Inhambane conference should be posted soon (Internet willing…) but for now let’s look back again at another story from REDES’s past. This time coming from former volunteer Meghan Duffy:


Meghan Duffy

I have seen Redes have a positive impact on the lives of many young women in Mozambique. One such young woman is my beloved Rainha. Rainha was my neighbor when I moved into my small, two-room cement house in Chimoio. I often felt sorry for her because she is an orphan who lives with her Aunt and is more or less treated as the maid of the family. When I first met her she was quiet and withdrawn, but I recognized her potential and thought that joining our REDES group would be a great way for her to find herself. Rainha was excited to join the group, but at first she took a back seat- quietly observing and absorbing the activities and lessons. After several weeks with the group, I decided that Rainha should be one of the two girls to attend the upcoming conference, although I knew it would not be easy to convince her Aunt to let her out of the house for a week. It was certainly not easy, but the effort it took was well worth it. I will never forget the tears Rainha wept and the hugs she gave me upon arrival at the conference. She was elated to escape from her chores for a week and to have the opportunity to learn amongst her peers. And it was AMAZING to see her blossom before my eyes during and after the conference. She began to open up to all those around her. She told me countless stories about how her teachers began to take notice of her as she spouted off the correct answers before any of her peers. She began to walk with confidence. She stopped to chat with neighbors and new friends as she walked down the dusty streets to the market. All of this makes me beam. Best of all, her Aunt never refuses her the opportunity to attend anything that involves REDES. Her aunt also saw the difference that REDES made in the life of this little girl. Now Rainha is college-bound and has a very bright future ahead of her indeed.


What a great story, more REDES stories to come as well as: pictures, videos and stories from the TOT with our fantastic counterparts. Also coming up will be the REDES story from the past of Marisa, an independent Mozambican facilitator who runs her own group without a PCV counterpart. Her recollection will be published in Portuguese and English! I’m definitely looking forward to it.


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